Introducing: Easel

A handcrafted, flexible, and comfortable way to use your iPad Pro.

We love working on the iPad Pro. There is an element of delight and creativity in using this device for those fortunate enough to be able to purchase one. A delight that you wish you could share with everyone else who uses traditional desktops and laptops to get their work done. There is something so natural about using the iPad Pro that even mundane tasks feel almost inspiring, and creative ones, pure joy.

You have numerous methods to choose from when using the device. You can place it on a keyboard case, an experience that is great for typing. However, reaching up to touch the screen is uncomfortable just to think about. Another option allows for the iPad Pro to be placed on a table, or a stand possibly. This allows for comfortable on screen typing, and improved ability to comfortably navigate using the touch interface. But even an hour of such use is a pain in the neck. Literally. 

At its fundamental level the iPad Pro is a canvas. It needs an Easel. Inspired by thousands of years of use by those using their hands, chisels, brushes, and pencils to create, we sought out to make a product that allows you to comfortably work on the iPad Pro for the long periods of time required to do something creative. 

Rest your arms while navigating the interface at an angle customized to your preference. Rotate the iPad around to any desired location to write and draw. Type on the software keyboard at the angle most ergonomic for you. Attach the iPad to your Smart Cover and adjust the Easel to near vertical while typing using an external keyboard, allowing for the screen to be near eye level.

Handcrafted. Flexible. Comfortable. Order your Easel today and be free to use the iPad Pro to its full potential. Thank you for spending time learning about this product we love using and loved creating.